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Welcome to our business

I am just an ordinary woman with a dream and a love for my naturally curly hair. Using my imagination and drive I have created products that will work better​ for me and other curly, kinky haired men and women like me.

This amazing new accessory is called the NanaComb. The word NANA is derived from African culture. It denotes royalty, ancestry, the history of kings and queens. A most honored tradition is tracing one's ancestry back to the original NANA, and for me that would be Jesus, Christ. NANA is used in African American culture to denote grandmother, but it is also still used in many African cultures to this day.

The NanaComb is a revolutionary new comb created for a demographic that encompasses 60 percent of the world's population! It is unlike anything on store shelves today. NanaComb offers to its customers a new and innovative way to pamper and give special attention to the needs of curly, coily, and kinky haired women, men, girls, and boys of all nationalities all over the world. The Nanacomb gently catches and releases your curls while at the same time providing distribution product, natural oils, detangling, style, and uniformity. The perfect

'finger comb' style to do what nature does, only better. 

About Us

The African American hair industry has always been a boom for many people of other ethnicities. We have finally begun to take into our own hands the ability to create formulations and techniques to pamper, love, and grow our unique and beautiful tresses. We continue this tradition by developing a hair care tool that is going to change the way curly/kinky/coily girls care for our hair.

This is the NanaComb!

What our customers are saying

We are a Christian company,  not just out to improve our own lives, but also the lives of others.

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